KIN is Now Decentralised!

We have been huge supported of the KIN vision at Buildooors over the past several years! In fact, we only discovered Solana as KIN was one of the first few projects to move across to Solana, due to its scaleability and low fees.

We were there when there was an ecosystem of KRE (Kin Revenue Engine) apps all earning, spending and transferring $KIN between eachother…

We even started building a game for $KIN… More on that in another post in the near future…

And we were also there when the KIN Foundation was disbanded…

The Great Burn Has Now Been Completed!

On the 28th July 2023, ~70% of all $KIN supply was burnt. This means the founding companies or entities that still had huge reserves of $KIN tokens were burning the majority of their $KIN in the name of decentralisation. $KIN is a currency that has been to the courts with the SEC and came out the other side still alive. To read more on the actual burn tokenomics, please refer to the $KIN reddit. KIN is now Decentralised!

Long Live Code Wallet

If you haven’t been following, some of the original founding team moved on to found Code Wallet. They have been busy building an amazing experience for sending money.

Check out the Code Wallet at their Website –

Incredible PMF

Solana L2 rails

Privacy through obscurity

No fees

Near instant settlement

Debanked only need mobile phone & internet

Global $$$

In fact, we are huge fans of what this wallet can enable. Check out our mega-tweet-thread, or X-thread as it is now called.

That’s it! @getcode is the future of money! Bravo $KIN
Incredible PMF
Solana L2 rails
Privacy through obscurity
No fees
Near instant settlement
Debanked only need mobile phone & internet
Global $$$

Please RT and comment below to get started!

— Buildooors (@buildooors_com) July 22, 2023

We Keep BUIDLing… Introducing Kin.Network

As part of decentralisation, the Kin Foundation website called is no more. It was shutdown. It is now up to the community to BUIDL. We have built a website where the KIN Community can login and discuss specific forums, see a list of ecosystem apps currently support KIN. We are also working with Solpress Plugins to integrate a Solana Wallet and $KIN currency into our website! Stay tuned.

Check out the website at and participate! Please leave feedback on the Buildooors Discord.

New OpenBook Markets – Bring on the DEX’s!

OpenBook is the decentralised open source DEX running on Solana! Its trading volume and transaction counts have been smashing it out the park lately. In order for $KIN to be a part of it the community needs to get $KIN markets created, add liquidity to the pool, so that DEX’s and Swap Wallets that use the OpenBook infrastructure can list $KIN.

@openbookdex, the revolutionary @solana powered DEX, is smashing records with a staggering $706M+ trading volume & 271M+ transactions! Merging the best of centralized exchanges with the transparency of #DeFi, it’s a game-changer!


With 6427…

— Top Ledger (@ledger_top) July 29, 2023

We have created some OpenBook Markets via Raydium! Huge shoutout to the Raydium support team for helping us create these new OpenBook markets. Couldn’t have done it without them!

In order to make sure $KIN pools have sufficient liquidity we started adding liquidity over at the Raydium Website! We followed these steps:

Visited the Raydium Pools page

Find the OPENBOOK liquidity pools for KIN-SOL and KIN-USDC

Hit the Add Liquidity button to chip in some liquidity

Before you do anything, you need to learn what AMM’s are and how liquidity pools work. We recommend you read the Raydium Documentation! There is risk involved. This is not financial advice! Any questions, the Raydium Support crew are awesome!

Learn what De-Fi is before Getting Started!

So what does this mean?

It means that $KIN is now running on Solana DeFi rails. It also means that any DEX on Solana can now list $KIN! Time to get on the phone $KIN Community and get some listings

How is the KIN Community Gonna Move Forward Now?

Things are looking good for Mango Markets!

Quorum has been achieved!

Over 160 million votes to 0 to list $KIN on @mangomarkets

Vote still has over 24 hours, but at least quorum is achieved!

Thank you to all those in $KIN & Mango communities

Looking forwards to releasing a thread on putting $KIN to work in Defi soon

— R◎BIN (@RobinCordini) July 31, 2023

Let’s F’KIN Go!

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