Solana Compressed NFT’s Drive Minting Costs to Near Zero! TipLink Demo

The team over at have built something impressive. NFT Collectooor’s can now use AI to generate images and then use Solana NFT Compression to mint them for free!

This is our favourite NFT we generated! Thanks to TipLink using Solana Compression minting for free (to the user) and Stable Diffusion 2.1

Solana NFT Compression is a Game-Changer

NFT compression on Solana drives down the cost of minting new NFT’s to near zero! This enables businesses to scale to millions and even billions of users. Think millions of event tickets minted on-chain, ecommerce vouchers, land & property titles, you name it… we are finally at a point where NFT technology can scale and now it is up to entrepreneurial Buildooors to discover which markets are prime for disruption.

Try Out the TipLink Compressed NFT Tool Yourself!

We haven’t stopped minting and have collected several AI generated NFT’s, all minted on the TipLink Compressed NFT Tool. Try it out yourself!

Here’s another example taken step by step!

What Else Have TipLink Built?

TipLink have built technology where anyone can send crypto anyone without them requiring a crypto wallet. You can anyone a link to where the funds are, which can be sent via social media or private messages or email, you name it, it is just a link! You can connect this account with your web2 login (ie: Google account) and even connect via web3 account using a Solana Wallet like Phantom.

Check out the TipLink website!

Make sure to see Solana Compressed NFT’s live in action and for free. Claim yours now!

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