Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon Biggest Yet!

Much of Solana’s success has been its ability to attract new developers to the space. Yet again we have another massive Solana Hackathon upon us! Between the 6th Sept 23 to the 15th Oct 23 several thousand buildooors will join together to submit hundreds of high-quality projects also pushing the boundaries of web3 into mass adoption.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

There has been a load of successful multi-million dollar companies launched from previous Solana Hackathons, so now is your chance to form a team, roll up your sleeves and build a product that will change the world! Check out some of the previous Solana Hackathons here!

Track Prizes

The categories you can build for have slightly changed from previous Hackathons, with the addition of a whole new AI category!


At the end of the time period (15th Oct 2023) you will have to submit your project. After submission it gets reviewed by the panel of judges, with the winners announced at Breakpoint!

Submit your Project at the Official Hyperdrive Portal!

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